Vision: To be a pioneer and leader of the hyper-local news space globally

Mission: To provide a platform to every individual in the world to speak out, understand and resolve critical local issues they face on a day-to-day basis

Our values (below) form the core of our existence!


We are committed to truth. While crowd-sourced content can often be unreliable and misleading - we strive to find the truth through multiple validation techniques

Political Neutrality

We are politically neutral. We are and will not be affiliated to any political party or any other interests. Our content is based solely on the voice of the people and judgement of our journalists


Our content will be independent from any source of revenue - may it be sponsorships, advertisements, contributions or donations. Our journalists are shielded from money interests


One of our objectives is to reduce the role of journalists as gate-keepers to information. At Rashmi, our journalists laregly play the role only to enhance content


As a platform for the people, we will ensure that all the content we receive is available in the raw form - which will be made available on request unless there is an anonymity clause