What we do

There is a lack of media coverage of local issues (such as local corruption, water scarcity, absenteeism in public hospitals & schools, etc.) in India and in most of the developing world. Solutions to these issues are critical for the development of millions of individuals especially in economically poor areas. Traditional media models find covering such topics costly and not relevant to their mass audience. This has led to lack of political accountability, pilferage of development funds, corruption, community disempowerment, among others.


Rashmi is a media program that facilitates the local stakeholders such as the local population, local politicians, and NGOs to generate their own content via phone calls, mobile photos, messages and videos on selected issues under the guidance and structure of a centralized journalistic team. The team at Rashmi then curates this localized content and distributes the same back to the community in a platform that is most accessible to the community such as television, radio, and mobile internet.


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